My name is Narendranath. I am 17 yrs old. I came to Angels for treatment of hair fall and dandruff. I was having a lot of hair fall for the past three years. I tried a lot of hair care products like oils and shampoos. The improvement was only temporary. The hair on my scalp was decreasing day by day. This caused me a lot of agony and I thought that I would lose most of my hair even before I was 20. At this stage, I heard about Angels Advanced Clinic from my friends. I approached the Angels branch at Hyderabad in search of a solution and am very much happy that I took the right decision in coming to Angels. The treatment was given to me after a complete examination of my hair. In this condition I was advised to go for 5 sittings. The improvement was evident immediately after the 2nd sitting. The rate of hair fall almost became negligible by the 4th sitting. My dandruff has also vanished. Along with the treatment I followed the diet and other precautions given to me. Now after the 5th sitting my hair fall has stopped completely and my hair is looking more lively and healthy. Thanks a lot to Angels for making me happy and confident once again.


Hi. I am Bhupathi. 32 years old from Hyderabad working as a senior software consultant. I often visit on site Middle East and European Countries. Due to which I lost my hair because of climate and water problem. I got to know about angels from a Magazine and I visited. In consultation I found the reason that due to my work pressure and my abroad visits I lost my hair but I got a hope of possibility of Re-Growth. Then I started my treatment and started using Angel’s Products. I am very much satisfied with Angels Service.

Bhupathi Rayudu

I am very pleased with the service I received from Angels, a laser treatment at Hyderabad. At my first appointment she addressed all my concerns in a professional manner. During the treatment she was very careful not to miss any spots, and I was very happy with the results. Overall, I will recommend Angels services to my friends and family. Thank You!


I am very pleased with the service I received from Angels, a laser treatment at Hyderabad. At my first appointment she addressed all my concerns in a professional manner. During the treatment she was very careful not to miss any spots, and I was very happy with the results. Overall, I will recommend Angels services to my friends and family. Thank You!

Prashanthi Jain

I am Sanjay from Guntur working as a software engineer in hyderabad.i am 32 but became bald, because of hereditary problem, though I can afford for hair transplantation I have come to know that am not eligible for the treatment, after my hair analysis here. Thanks for taking the time to go over all the details during my appointment. This was by far the most comprehensive consultation that I have had among the four doctors that I have seen over the past two weeks. After consulting in Angels and reviewing some of the material that the way explained, I feel very comfortable moving forward with their exclusive hair arrangement system called silicon system, I got my previous look, beautiful hair style in no time. Thanks so much for helping me. Your personality and methods are above and beyond any other clinic I’ve ever been to.

Sanjay prateek

I am Kanak Raj from Hyderabad. I am 28 years old. I work as a marketing executive. My job involved a lot of interaction with people for which a presentable appearance is a must. The problem began when the hairline on my scalp began receding. The rate of hairline was consistent and since my father and brother had an early baldhead, I was sure that even I would end up having one. I was dreading the day I would become entirely bald and hence was trying all possible options to conceal my baldness.That was when I came to know about Silicon System of Angels from a friend of mine. I was surprised to get the information from him because all along I was under the impression that his hair was natural!. I at once decided to go for the treatment because I was already convinced about the naturality of the arrangement after seeing my friend. I fixed up my appointment and consulted for the arrangement. Today, after the arrangement I am extremely happy and satisfied with the end result. The look is very natural and the maintenance is easy. There was no pain or even any discomfort during or after the arrangement. In fact the silicon system is a boon to all those people who spend sleepless nights because of the lost hair. Thanks to Angels for putting an end to all my problems once for all.

Kanak Raj

My name is Ravi Shankar Singh. I am 29 years old and come from a middle class family in Madhya Pradesh. I was a very happy and easy going person till I had noticed a small white patch on my forehead about 6 months back. I tried all kinds of medicines, ointments and lotions but in vain. I was getting panicky as the size of the patch started growing in size. My family doctor put me on a medication for 3 months which prevented the spread of the patch. Though I was relieved to a certain extent I was feeling embarrassed about the white patch that was already present. My doctor clearly told me that the patch can be prevented but the discolored patch cannot be restored to normalcy. It was then, that I heard about Angels and their treatment for people like me. I took the treatment which was completed in one sitting lasting 45 minutes. The white patch is no longer visible. It has almost merged with my skin color. Thanks to Angels for giving a permanent solution to my problem.

Ravi Shankar

I am Kavitha doing Software Engineering in Bangalore for the past 6 months. My problem is that I had a lot of pimples from 16 years onwards and also my skin was oily and always looked dull. I had a lot of pimples and black spots and a few on my neck also. They were very painful and made my face look rough and ugly. Though, I tried several creams, lotions and soaps there was no permanent result. I went to Angels after seeing their advertisement in the paper for a solution. They advised me to take treatment for few sittings. After completion of my treatment, pimples vanished and black marks also reduced. Along the treatment, they also guided me regarding my diet which helped me change my faulty habits. I am very grateful to Angels for a wonderful treatment and making me beautiful again.


I am Sailaja and I am 39 Years Old. I have been observing wrinkles on my face since 2 years. Apart from wrinkles I also have under eye circles, which look very prominent on my face because of my fair skin. I did not try to use any cosmetics as my skin is very sensitive and I tend to develop allergies to several products. At this time I visited Angels for an advice. They advised me skin rejuvination treatment. I have attended few sittings. I have observed lot of change my face. My friends were the first people to appreciate the changes by seeing me.

Mrs Sailaja

Skin Rejuvenation
I was upset with my looks, especially with my belly; I have been for 10sessions for my belly fat. After Cellulite treatment I even followed small work outs, that increased my metabolism and gradually started losing my weight, I was happy with 3 meals per day – but no snacking and I have proudly slimmed down to 12kg and am more confident now. I am planning on more shaping in 2015. Thanks to Angels for being so supportive”


Weight Management
I am Bindu,I have lost 8kg in 50days. All the sessions of cellulite therapy, have helped me reduce my weight, in some areas I lost as inches wise. The service provided at Angels Clinic was excellent. Thanks to Angels.


Weight Management
I had good experience and felt happy that i will get my lost hair back,workers are dedicated at angels.Dandruff and hairfall controlled.


Hairfall & Dandruff
The people wo worked were very nice.All of the sittings were good


Hairfall & Dandruff
Presently iam working as it employee and iam facing some shy due to bald head.Now i had good solution and good looking after getting silicon system technology.Thank you Angels

Shiva Naga Raju

Treatment is good .It reached the expectations.Its a good clinic.Thank you Angels


It’s very good service by the angels and had given a good solution to my problem of hair falling Thank you Angels

Sunil Babu

In this given five hairfall treatments .i found my hairfall has been decreased.And also dandruff has totally wiped out from scalp. I would like to thank you Angels.


i was satisfied, my hairfall was controlling from first sitting to 3rd sitting,i feel better.Thanks to Angels.


Iam satisified with in the result of pigmentation treatment.And also in colour treatment.Thanks for the members who treted me so good and safefull treatment.


All sittings are very good and i have good improvement in hair fall treatment.I feel very happy with this angels hairfall treatment.Thanks to Angels.


My name is swapna. My age is 22yrs .I was slim till 20yrs. Then I started putting on weight and by 2yrs I reached 80kg. I was having menstrual problem also. After consulting a gynaecologist and after all the lab tests I was told that I had thyroid problem. I used medicines for 6 months. Though my thyroid was better my weight did not come down My parents were worried as I was getting depressed because of over weight. My parents took me to Angels clinic where madam boosted my confidence and said that I would become slim once again. Initially, I was a little doubtful about the treatment. But I was shocked when I saw that by the 3rd sitting my weight was just 72kg. Now I am really interested in the treatment and confident that I would regain my slim figure once again. I am already feeling fit and healthy. Now I am able to wear the clothes of my choice without feeling shy. Thanks to madam for helping me at a crucial time.


Saw Improvement from 4th sitting Dandruff is controlled.Thanks to Angels.

Padma Priya

Overall treatment is good.results are better.Thanks to Angels.



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