Permanent Eye Brows / Lip Liner (In 1 Hour)

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Permanent Eye Brows / Lip Liner (In 1 Hour)

The advantage of permanent eyebrows is its versatility. It can create the visual of hair where there is nothing. This property helps shaping eyebrows, complementing the natural hair present there. In some cases where for some reasons women have lost hair on the eyebrows a competent permanent makeup practitioner can create almost natural eyebrows by drawing individual hair on the eyebrows. Well-defined eyebrows enhance the elegance and beauty of a woman. Women regularly go to the parlor on a weekly and monthly basis to get a perfectly shaped eyebrow. Permanent Eyebrow Makeup comes as a boon for women who are tired of going to the saloon. Many people lose their facial hair due to aging, medical conditions or chemotherapy, so a permanent eyebrow makeup can instil the lost eyebrow hair of such people. It not just makes you look attractive but also gives a sense of self-confidence. The treatment implants pigment on the eyebrow area to create a well-defined, as well as a perfectly shaped eyebrow. It creates a magical look of a full pair of eyebrows. You can even ask for the required shape and our technicians will make sure that your eyebrows take the desired shape. The treatment is accomplished in such a way that the eyebrows look natural.


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