Angels Hair Pack


Angels Herbal Hair Pack is prepared with pure herbs. It’s a complete organic food for hair. It reduces dandruff, strengthens hair roots and prevent hair fall. It’s an ideal natural conditioner. By regular use of Angels Herbal Hair Pack improves the hair texture. It gives cooling effect, relaxation from day to day stress.Directions to Use:Take sufficient of Angels Herbal Hair Pack and mix it with butter milk to make it a paste. Soak it for min 6 hrs. While applying take small section of hair and apply paste from scalp to hair tip. Let it dry for 2 hrs, later with Angels Shampoo. For nourished and tangle free hair use at least twice a week.Composition: Each 100gms contains:
  • Amlaki Fruit – 10 gr
  • Nimba Leaf – 30 gr
  • Naranga Fruit Juice – 20gr
  • Nimbuka Leaf – 10gr
  • Tulasi Tel Whole Plant Oil – 10gr
  • TaruniFlowe Petals – 10gr
  • Kaidarya Leaf – 10gr
  • Base –Q.S.
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