Angels GSH Supplements Kit


A-fair A-fair GSH supplements whitens the skin*, Helps make the skin smoother with a more even tone, Gives a rosy white glow & Delays aging. Continuous and consistent supplementation will result into gradual skin lightening until you reach the skin tone you desire. Results vary from skin to skin type. Generally, the duration and severity of your signs, symptoms or illness determines the length of time it takes to notice sustained improvements. Medium brown skin: 1-3 months, Dark brown skin: 3-6 months, Very dark skin: 6-12 months, Black skin: 2 years more. Usage : Chew / Swallow one tablet of A-fair GSH supplements and 1 table of A-fair Vit C along with water once or twice in a day. Best if taken with meals or at night 2 to 3 hours after your last meal for better absorption. Standard dosage in 20-4omg per kilogram of body weight for 3 to 6 month. It is also advisable to put on sunblock cream and lotion for the face and body.
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