Hair Regeneration – Stem Cell Therapy

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Hair Regeneration – Stem Cell Therapy

A cell that has the ability to replicate itself as well as, has the ability to form other cells of the body is called a stem cell. Stem Cell Therapy is one such process considered for hair loss. This treatment is very efficient. It is a non-surgical therapy to stimulate and regrow hair follicles. Scaffolding which is enriched with stem cells also has a requisite growth factor. It is injected onto the scalp. This helps in making the hair follicles orient themselves, and develop in the right direction. It helps to promote hair growth and fight baldness. The follicle stem cell sends off chemical signals to the shrunken follicles. This, in turn, helps in regenerating and growing healthy hair. It is completely safe and Stem cell therapy not only helps fight hair loss but also improves the quality and texture of hair.


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